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Distance: 3.2 km

Time: 45-60 min 


The final mural tour of the 2020 BUMP Festival includes eight new mural works. Starting at Elana Bushan’s mural with incredibly detailed lush tropical flora, pass Sarah Slaughter’s playful birdhouses painted on the side of Beltline Cannabis, stop and gaze in awe at Ankh One’s epic Strength & Fertility mural and Derek Simmers’ hidden prairie sky on your way to Calgary’s brand new rooftop 2-acre public space with plenty of sunshine and stunning downtown views at High Park. The tour finishes at one of the longest running murals of the festival painted by Tsuut’ina Nation artist Nathan Meguinis.


BUMP SAFE! Sidewalks can be busy so remember to keep safe physical distance from others and/or wear a mask!

About the Murals


Elana Bushan (2020)

Elena Bushan is a professional visual artist and art instructor living and working in Calgary, Alberta. Her interest in drawing and painting began in early childhood, and she was accepted into art school at age eight. Bushan had more than 15 years of art education in school, college and Academy of Fine Arts in her country of birth, Moldova, before moving abroad.


Her painting style can best be described as imaginative realism, and she has a special passion for portrait and figurative painting. Her work has featured in shows in Canada and Europe and can be found in many private collections. Bushan was the recipient of the Canadian Immigrant of Distinction Award 2017 in Arts and Culture.


Her colourful works are internationally recognized, beautifying and uplifting spaces in both the public and private realm. Creating around the world, Michelle has worked with a wide range of clients in Canada, the United States, Peru, Mexico, Germany, Portugal and England. Michelle holds a B.S. in Design from Lynn University as well as a BEd in Arts from University of British Columbia.



Cinta Vidal (2019)

Cinta has completed murals all over the globe including Hawaii, Hong Kong, Japan, and her native Spain. Muralist and illustrator Cinta Vidal creates complex acrylic artworks that defy gravity and structural conventions, while also examining how a person’s internal perspective may not consistently match with the reality around them. Cinta dives deeply into the details of her work, even having done massive scale works with a broom-sized brush.


For this two-part mural on the Aura and Arch condos on 9 St SW, Cinta incorporated architectural elements of the murals’ host buildings in a reenvisioned, gravity defying experiment that calls to mind the works of M.C. Escher in a new contemporary form.



Sarah Slaughter (2020)

Slaughter is a Calgary based visual artist whose practice is a reflection of her wide open perspective and respect for multi-disciplinary creation. Immersed in a world where art is everything, she distinguishes herself by her versatility and fearless approach to design and ingenuity.



Faith47 (2018)

Liberty Du, who is widely recognized as Faith XLVII, is a South African multi-disciplinary artist. Her journey into art began on the streets of South Africa in 1979, as a young graffiti writer taking on the name Faith47 (the number being a reference to her grandmothers numerological theorem). In 2006, Liberty began on a nomadic journey which has brought her to create works in 39 countries and, in 2017, saw her relocating to Los Angeles, USA. Her evolution from street artist to a multi-disciplinary artist has created a fluid yet solid bridge into the contemporary art world. This explorative approach has led her to develop a broad range of artwork. This ranges from immersive new media installations and hand-sewn wall tapestries deconstructing notions of value and place, to sculptural bronze works investigating hierarchies of power, paintings and a variety of fine art prints.



Illana Pichon (2018)

Illana’s approach to multiple practices – printmaking, large scale murals, artist books and installation – among which the process and the essence have the same triggers: she addresses questions of provenance, structure, material and affective histories, and viewer diversity as an ensemble. Acutely aware of the site and its defining characteristics, her works open a dialogue with the area by taking cues from key reference points found in situ. For this mural Beyond Your Limits created for BUMP in 2018 she chose to work with in situ parameters – landscape and Calgary’s territory different scales as well as underlining The Bike Shop activities. She worked with the Beltline district’s shape we can read in the mural frame, the two rivers, the mountains and several patterns I created about bikes (pedals, handlebar, bike, etc.). This mural speaks about pushing our limits further through sport as well as to go visit our city surroundings.



Mateusz Naperialski (2017)

Mateusz’s visual vocabulary is directly inspired by geometry, shapes, bright colours, patterns and forms he finds in nature and his surroundings. He is most creative when blending graphic design, illustration and moving image together. His work blurs the lines between different mediums and disciplines: crossing digital with physical, and experimenting with combining these two realms together.



The Kid Belo (2019)

Calgary-based graffiti and street artist has spent much of his time in recent years building his practice on canvas, creating more abstract, minimalist paintings. The mural created for BUMP in 2019 is return to the wall bringing with it his new minimalist expressions and artistic direction.



Labrona (2019)

Labrona is a Montreal-based artist whose works feature multi-coloured faces and animals that are defined by dark features that stem from his fascination with, and desire to convey raw human emotion. This mural created for BUMP in 2019 is a showdown between rival kings whose well-being falls on the backs of the commoner. Inside this local brewery you will also find more of his artworks hanging on the wall and the location for our Hops & Bops August 27-29. You can enter by ringing the doorbell beside the backdoor with the red light above it (but only when red light is on!)



Reza Nik (2019)

Reza is an Iranian-born interdisciplinary artist, teacher, and architect based in Toronto. With a background in art history and architecture, Reza utilizes his creative and critical thinking to explore liminal spaces, the nuances of our built environment, and the importance of questioning absolutes. This by far his largest mural to date, expanding on a concept he’s been developing for a couple years of interconnected heads. They are all drawn together by a single line, or string, held by the one person sitting on top holding the string (see chimney). This mural alludes to the domino effect of how what we say influences others. If you look closely, you’ll notice the last head in this mural is the only one with its eyes open. It is an appeal to the viewer to consider what happens differently in the real world when we act with our eyes closed.



Alfalfa (2020)

A l f A l f A is a Venezuela born muralist, currently residing in Toronto. He creates hybrid depictions of mythical creatures though his line-based style. He has painted murals all over the globe of his fantastic beings, now including Calgary.



Adam Zhu (2017)

Originally from China, in 2011 Adam graduated with a Bachelors in Design from Alberta College of Art and Design. Since leaving the institute Adam has not only immersed himself in the professional circuit of Graphic Design working for various design firms and freelancing, but also keeps a foot on the Fine art world of local Group Shows. As an artist, Adam is interested in the natural world – human beings and animals – their interactions amongst, within and towards each other. Adam draws inspiration from the expressions of all species, whether it be facial or gestural and the insight it gives to a private thought/ agenda/ mission/ purpose.

This longstanding mural on the east wall of Commonwealth speaks to the new sights, sounds, smells and tastes Adam experienced when he moved to Canada and how they ultimately were the pathway for him to love his new home.



FATS (2019)

Fathima Mohiuddin (FATS) is a Indian-Canadian artist born and raised in the Middle East. She looks for universal messages and resonating imagery that brings light to questions of existentialism and the human desire to give meaning to images and symbols, particularly in nature. 


In 1992, during the Gulf War, her parents applied for Canadian immigration. After a few moves, at the age of 24 she became a Canadian Citizen with a acute consciousness of what citizenship and immigration means and how borders imply different things for people with different passports. 


This mural, Migration, is based on the simple fact that migrating geese have no borders. They fly to survive, momentum is their life.



Nasarimba x Jill Stanton (2020)

Local artists Nasarimba (Mikhail Miller and Rachel Ziriada) and Edmonton-based artist Jill Stanton returned to BUMP in a joint collaboration. Nasarimba brings abstract form and colour to their work while Jill’s work often reflects the community or environment through the abstracted still life of objects and natural elements. The collaborative team has worked on several projects together.



Kevin Ledo (2018)

Kevin Ledo’s public murals are often celebrations of people and diversity, and aim to relate to the communities they are found in. Based in Montreal, Kevin traces his influences and inspiration to a multitude of forces including iconography, psychology, Buddhist philosophy, music, graphic design and photography.


This mural painted on the west face of the Centre City Parkade is titled ᓲᐦᑳᑎᓯᐃᐧᐣ, meaning “sôhkâtisiwin” or strength/power in Cree, depicts B-Girl and traditional fancy and hoop dancer, Angela Gladue. Angela is most well known for her collaboration with A Tribe Called Red The mural is based on a photograph taken by Calgary photographer, Candice Ward.


Ankh One (2020)

Native to Grenoble in France, Ankhone started doing graffiti on the walls of his city in the early 90’s. In 1999, he got a degree in graphic design from the École Supérieure d’Art Appliqué of Troyes. This background led him to incorporate his pictorial and graphic style in his paintings and graffitis. A style that he later defined as “poetry in motion”. In 2001 he joined the reputed Parisian collective, 9e Concept.


In France, he worked as event coordinator for Orange Telecom and art director for Graff-It magazine. In 2010, Ankhone came to Canada for the first time and decided to move to Montreal one year later. His first contracts in Canada include designing sets for movies such as Tom à la Ferme and Juste la fin du monde of Quebec for infamous producer Xavier Dolan. He has been part of the Ashop Crew since 2013 and has worked for Ashop Productions since then.


Whether it is on a canvas or for a commercial gig, Ankhone puts all of his passion into his art.



Derek Simmers (2020)

Derek Simmers is a muralist and illustrator currently living in Calgary, AB. His work explores public art and community engagement as a means to foster meaningful relationships between humans, other living beings and the patterns that emerge to shape our experience. He utilizes ambiguity and dynamic compositions to seek new possibilities for grappling with chaos and instability. You may recognize some of Simmers’ murals around the city including “The Kiss” located in Inglewood, and another mural at Burnt Toast Studios. He also regularly collaborates with his sibling and BUMP 2019 Alumni, Kyle Simmers.


You will find his 2020 BUMP mural in the ground-level hallway of the City Centre Parkade on 10th Avenue SW that takes that transports you to an expansive and colourful prairie sky and beyond.




Follow the hallway to the elevators and up to the 6th floor of the City Centre Parkade (340 10 Ave SW) for plenty of warm sunshine, expansive downtown views and a colourful 200-metre boardwalk at High Park, Calgary’s brand new roof-top public space. More info>>



Guido Van Helten (2019)

Layers of buffalo skins drape the side of this 6-level Calgary parkade. This mural explores the significance of the buffalo to the Calgary region. The concept was developed with guidance by the Blackfoot Crossing Historical Museum on Siksika Nation west of Calgary.


Influenced by the traditional graffiti movement from a young age, the Australian-born artist is recognized globally for his contemporary street art which is underpinned by his exploration of community and identity generated through photography and large scale installations.



Tyler Lemermeyer (2018)

Tyler is a practicing illustrator based in Calgary. Early in his career he doubled as a bicycle messenger. His passion for cycling often comes through in his work, where he enjoys working with bicycle related elements. Tyler created this mural in hopes of inspiring more positive dialogue about cycling amongst Calgarians and to show the world that Calgary really loves bikes.



Mono Sourcil (2020)

Maxilie Martel, aka Mono Sourcil, is a young multidisciplinary mural artist born in Montreal in 1989. She is continuing her studies in visual and media arts at UQAM in order to refine her techniques, her reflections and her approach. Towards the end of her studies in 2012, Maxilie began to take an interest in the world of street art and graffiti, which she found more free and intuitive. She devoted herself to it full time for 4 years, before undertaking in 2016, at Concordia University, a master’s degree in sculpture which she is currently pursuing.


Since then, Maxilie has exhibited her murals in several renowned festivals and events in Montreal, such as Mural, Osheaga, Under Pressure, Chromatic, les Francofolies, RU and as well as at the Basel House Mural festival in Miami and at the Fresh West Official at Kelowna. She has also collaborated on numerous occasions with the City of Montreal for the creation of large murals and has displayed her works in various group exhibitions, in particular at the Station 16 gallery, the Darling foundry and the Musé Roméo Gin. Today, Maxilie defines herself as a mural artist practicing street art, painting, drawings, sculpture, installation and performance art.



Nathan Meginuis (2020)

Artist, illustrator, animator, yellow hands and powwow dancer Nathan Meguinis started drawing at the age of five. His artwork today reflects the deep roots of his Tsuut’ina culture and heritage. Nathan is one of four Indigenous artists whose work was featured at Calgary Public Library to mark National Aboriginal History Month.

BuffaloBoy, TravelingRock, Kind hearted Man, of the Tsuutina, Sarcee Dene Nation. Artist, Illustrator, Powwow Dancer, YellowHand, Stick Man & Protector.


His artwork is a creative visual expression of his cultural heritage and spiritualism, with contemporary stylization; a mix of abstraction and realism.