April Tour Bookings Now Open : New Routes & New Rates!

Tuesday March 26, 2024

As we step into April, the excitement continues with a fresh lineup of BUMP Tours awaiting eager art enthusiasts. And here’s the best part – we are offering the tours for a special spring price of $20! Whether you’re a seasoned art aficionado or simply curious to explore Calgary’s creative side, there’s something for everyone on the BUMP Tours.

In March we launched with the BUMP Classic Tour route, taking you to some of our favourite Beltline murals. This April we’ve added a second tour route, the Victoria Tour! On this route you can get to know the Beltline’s Victoria Centre and East Victoria Neighbourhoods. Join us on this special less travelled BUMP tour path and hear the stories behind some of our most impressive and unique projects. Your tour guide will stop at one of our favourite local cafes along the way of taking you to over 15 murals and tell you how these incredible works of public art became a reality!

Spring Cost: $20 Adults $15 Youth
Duration: 2 Hours
Weekly Tours every Sunday
Special Saturday Tour: TBA


What to Expect from BUMP Mural Tours

The BUMP Tours program offers an enriching experience that goes beyond admiring murals from afar. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

1. Immersive Guided Tours: Led by passionate guides, each tour promises a two-hour immersive journey into the heart of Calgary’s mural art scene. Prepare to be enthralled as you uncover the stories behind the murals, gaining a deeper appreciation for the artistic talents shaping the city’s landscape.

2. Diverse Themes and Styles: From contemporary masterpieces to thought-provoking street art, BUMP Tours showcase a diverse range of murals that reflect Calgary’s rich cultural tapestry. There’s always something new to discover on every tour.

3. Special Spring Pricing: Take advantage of the special spring tour price of $20 for adults and $15 for youth, making it the perfect opportunity to experience the magic of BUMP Tours without breaking the bank.

4. Weekly and Special Tours: With weekly tours held every Sunday, there are plenty of opportunities to embark on a BUMP adventure. We will also be announcing a special Saturday tour for the month of April soon, stay tuned for that!

5. Private Tours: if you are interested in a private tour with a team, your company, school & more reach out to us! We can design special tour routes to meet your needs. Please reach out to coordinator@beltlineyyc.ca with more details.

BUMP Tours offers an unforgettable experience that celebrates art, community, and the vibrant spirit of Calgary. Keep watching for more exciting announcements and updates about this program, and join us as we celebrate the beauty of public art one mural at a time! Book your tickets now at yycbump.ca/mural-tours