Mural Locations

Locations of all BUMP murals and current status of new 2020 works


 2020 Completed Murals

 2020 Murals In Progress

 2017-2019 Murals

Mural Tours

BUMP self-guided mural tours are a perfect way to explore the murals and experience new works of art as they are being created right before your eyes. New tours will be released throughout the month of August.

Mural Tour #1: The New Classics

Get ready for the new 2020 BUMP murals coming this August by touring favourite murals from years past.

Mural Tour #2: Run the Murals

This running tour takes you across the Beltline past sixteen different murals spanning all four BUMP years from 2017-2020 plus three new 2020 murals currently in progress.

2020 Mural Artists

Learn more about this year’s lineup of amazing local, national, and international artists creating murals for BUMP.

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