The BUMP Festival is back. Check back soon for details!

Relive The 2020 Festival:

Mural Tours + More

Here’s where you can find all of our current murals, including those we completed last summer:


 2020 Completed Murals

2020 Graffiti Jam

 2017-2019 Murals

Mural Tours

BUMP self-guided mural tours are a perfect way to explore the murals and experience new works of art as they are being created right before your eyes. New tours will be released throughout the month of August.

Mural Tour #1: The New Classics

Get ready for the new 2020 BUMP murals coming this August by touring favourite murals from years past.

Mural Tour #2: Run the Murals

This running tour takes you across the Beltline past sixteen different murals spanning all four BUMP years from 2017-2020 plus three new 2020 murals currently in progress.

Mural Tour #3: Wet Paint

Our third mural tour of the 2020 BUMP Festival takes you past 9 brand new murals for 2020 plus 6 of some of our favourite murals from previous years.

Mural Tour #4: Cruisin’ 17th

Take a sensory loaded stroll down one of Calgary’s most exciting streets and business districts here in the Beltline.

Mural Tour #5: Final Touches

The final mural tour of the 2020 BUMP Festival includes eight new mural works, many of which are just receiving their final touches of paint, plus thirteen amazing mural works stretching back to 2017.

Artist Talks

Artist talks are recorded at Contemporary Calgary in collaboration with NUTV.

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