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Mural Locations

 2018 (in progress)



The first annual BUMP Festival is taking place August 30 to September 1, 2018 across the Beltline, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Festival visitors are invited to join us for mural tours and artist events as a flurry of new murals are being painted. The festival wraps up with an alley party featuring live music, local food & beer, and hands-on art creation for all-ages.


Photo by Alyssa Hanke



Festival Schedule


Thursday, Aug 30 | 8pm-10pm

Artist Talk: Geometry, Wavelength, Pattern

McHugh House – 1515 Centre Street S

A moderated discussion with 2018 BUMP artists Tyler Lemermeyer, Sasarimba, Illana Pichon, and Rhys Farrell & Shane Arsenault.

Free Event for all-ages. Beer for sale. Space is limited.


Friday, Aug 31 | 8pm-10pm

Artist Talk: New Beginnings in the Surreal 

McHugh House – 1515 Centre Street S

A moderated discussion with 2018 BUMP artists Natalie Nehwali, Kalum Teke Dan, Nicole Wolf, and Katie Green. Free Event!

Free Event for all-ages. Beer for sale. Space is limited.



Saturday, September 1 | 2pm – 10pm  

Alley Party 

1235 10 Ave SW

Next to the BUMP warehouse site at 10 Ave and 12 St SW, we’re hosting an alley party with live music, food trucks, local beer from Last Best Brewing, and hands on mural painting for all-ages with Contemporary Calgary. 


Live Music Lineup

Enjoy a top roster of DJs and live music acts at the Alley Party from 2pm-10pm featuring Sabota and a DJ set by Neon Indian.



Neon Indian -DJ SET – Alan Palomo is a Mexican born, Texas raised musician who has received major attention in recent years for his unique blend of electronic, shoegaze, and psychedelic dream-funk. His work as Neon Indian has landed him major spots at Coachella, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, and scored major praise from pitchfork, gorillavsbear, Spin, and more. Palomo is no stranger to performing alone, having crafted the majority of Neon Indian’s music in his home, and having initially performed early material as Vega (and Neon Indian) as a solo artist. His solo sets as a performing dj are reputably awesome, loaded with tons of underground contemporary dance jams and under the radar retro grooves, with the occasional Neon Indian and VEGA sampling.






Sabota – A collaboration between two very talented and separately quite successful artists: Robbie Slade, is one-half of Humans, and Max Ulis has been a lynch pin in the West Coast electronic music scene for over a decade. After establishing themselves as prolific artists on other projects, with Sabota, their individual sounds (which range from techno, bass, and house to vocal heavy pop music) are synthesized in a highly nuanced and beautiful way.

DJ Dine N’ Dash
Home & Away Crew (Roofeo, Sabo Forte, Roy LT & Cosmic)
Myke Atkinson


Food Trucks

Enjoy some of Calgary’s finest food trucks!


Avatara Pizza – As a business, Avatara is trying to balance the complex social, environmental, and economic needs of our community while maintaining profitability. Our vision to make fast food healthy and sustainable has gained more acceptance in the years following our entry into the local Calgary market.

Arepa Boss – Traditional Venezuelan arepas stuffed to the brim and overflowing with flavour! Gluten free. Made fresh to order.

Fiasco Gelato – Freshly made, hand crafted. As simple as that. All our pint offerings have the best quality ingredients we can get our hands on, fruit from places who care, berries from our neighbours in BC, milk from our own backyard, sugar from a cane and nothing GMO.


Hands-on mural painting with Contemporary Calgary

Inspired by the surrounding murals, Contemporary Calgary, in partnership with Beltline Neighbourhoods Association, will be presenting an interactive & family-friendly mural art activity at the Alley Party.



Saturday, September 1 | 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Mural Walking Tour # 1 

Tours of 2018 BUMP murals by Rhys Farrell & Shane Arsenault, Kalum Teke Dan, Jill Stanton, and Nasarimba.




Saturday, September 1 | 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Mural Walking Tour # 2 

Tours of 2018 BUMP murals by Illana Pichon, Faith47, Kevin Ledo, Tyler Leyermeyer.





Saturday, September 1 | 9pm – 4am

Official BUMP Festival After Party at the Hifi Club

Join us at the Hifi Club (219 10 Ave SW) for the BUMP Festival After Party Neon Indian (DJ set), Sabota, DJ Dine N’ Dash and special guests. Doors at 9PM. Tickets $12 on sale now.




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