Seeking New Mural Walls!

Monday January 22, 2024

Calling all Building Owners! The 2024 BUMP Festival is seeking new walls in Calgary’s Beltline, Downtown & beyond. Each year we are able to program new murals in the city through walls that we seek out or are brought to our attention through supporters like you! 

Why have a mural?

Housing a mural on your building makes it an important landmark in the city. With every new mural we program, we are not only allowing an artist to create a beautiful art piece that belongs to the public, but we are also re-imagining your space and how it fits into our growing city. Our murals can lead to:

  • More awareness about your space
  • Increased customers to local businesses
  • A well-connected community 
  • Increased interest from visitors to Calgary
  • A more beautiful neighbourhood
  • Civic pride & responsibility 
  • Decreased risk of tagging & vandalism

Murals can change how people approach your building and neighbourhood. They are powerful tools to start conversations and build community in our city. Throughout BUMP Festival’s history, we have been able to program murals that spark social change, make public spaces more accessible to children and families, tell important stories about our city and ultimately help create a city that people want to live, work and play in. Around the world, people have used public art to foster proud, responsible and active citizens and put their cities on the map. 

More details & frequently asked questions around the process of wall donations are available through our 2024 Mural Wall Donation guide

You can also submit your wall for consideration to the 2024 BUMP Festival through our intake form. 

If you know of a wall we should have our eyes on, please let us know today!