BUMP DRIVE DAY 7: Final Day To Donate!

Thursday November 30, 2023

It’s the final day to donate to the 2023 BUMP Drive. We feel like the BUMP Festival in Calgary is something really special. But don’t just take it from us, here’s what some artists, community friends and partners are saying about the BUMP Festival.

“Being able to represent my Nicaraguan and Mesoamerican Indigenous roots in the 2023 BUMP Mural festival has me on a high, and I couldn’t be more proud to represent Calgary. The BUMP team has been incredibly supportive during the entire process, and this experience has given me the opportunity to connect with talented local and international artists that I’ll cherish forever.”

– LA GUITA (Calgary, Alberta)

“During my time painting at BUMP, I received many visits from the general public, people who live and work in that region, and others who were just passing through. I saw that most people are curious to see the artist in action, to understand how a large-scale painting works, and also to find out about the meaning of the work that was being created. This dynamic interaction between the public, the artist, the city, and the art highlights the important role of BUMP in promoting a deep connection between them. It was incredible to see up close how BUMP transformed a large part of the city of Calgary into an open-air museum, consolidating itself as one of the most important public art projects in Canada.”

– Dinho Bento (Ottawa, Ontario)

“The mural created and executed by Anais Lera, is a visual delight for our associates at Walls Alive as well as our clients and others in the greater community.  The value of public art as BUMP has overseen cannot be overstated.  It has created an amazing sense of community in the Beltline especially. Bravo to the organizers and volunteers who have allowed this to happen, and we all hope this is really just the beginning !!!  You will be able to count on Walls Alive’s continued support.”

  • The Walls Alive Team   

“BUMP is a force in bringing art to the City. The BUMP murals are more than just using walls as canvases, it’s about changing how we see the space around us as an opportunity for connection, interaction, and being seen. If life imitates art, then BUMP is something worth imitation.”

  • Courtney Walcott, Ward 8 Councillor, City of Calgary

“It was such a joy working with BUMP, they were so organized and enthusiastic. I felt very supported because they were so transparent throughout the art process, I really felt like we were on the same team. I really loved their efforts to create community throughout the artists. With many events, talks, parties, and hikes, I really felt welcomed and sense of belonging in Calgary. They did an amazing job curating all the artists. I was so inspired by all the work, and I felt like I made some truly special connections while I was there!”

  • Kayla Buium (Montreal, Canada)

This is the final day of our campaign, and we hope you can help us reach our fundraising goal of $10,000 so we can make the 2024 BUMP Festival another year of exciting new murals and events programming.


You can also spread the word! Please share the 2023 BUMP Drive with your friends and family! And don’t forget to share what you love about the BUMP Festival, including your favourite artists, murals or events!

To learn more about the past year, you can read our 2023 Community Impact report and watch our 2023 Community Impact Video.