2019 Artists


Chinese-born DALeast is an accomplished painter, sculptor, and digital artist.

Cinta Vidal

Cinta has completed murals all over the globe including Hawaii, Hong Kong, Japan, and her native Spain.

Reza Nik

Reza is an Iranian-born interdisciplinary artist, teacher and architect

Troy Lovegates

Troy Lovegates, also known as “Other”, is a San Francisco-based Canadian artist.


David Brunning, widely known as TheKidBelo, is a Calgary-based graffiti artist and large-scale muralist.

Luke Ramsey

Luke Ramsey is a co-founder of the Islands Fold residency, exhibits internationally, and is a public artist and illustrator.


Fats (Fathima Mohiuddin) is an Indian-Canadian artist born and raised in the Middle East.

Mary Haasdyk

Mary is a Calgary-based illustrator and public artist who’s portfolio celebrates the diversity of our city by bringing unexpected colour and whimsical depth to the simple and mundane.

Kevin Cardinal

Kevin Cardinal is of Woodland Cree heritage and is the eldest son of Clifford Gullion and Margaret Lamouche, both members of Bigstone Cree Nation, located in North Central Alberta on Treaty 8 Territory.

Kyle Simmers

Kyle pushes himself to emphasize human relationships over the traditional narrative, challenging roles that you would see in everyday storytelling


Fluke’s unique approach to merging street art and contemporary imagery, as well as his unconventional methods and techniques, is what places him as a Canadian frontrunner on the international street art scene.

Mike Valcourt

Mike uses his background in commercial painting to bring focus and insight to community outlets and corporations.

Lacey Jane & Layla Folkmann

Contemporary mural artist duo Lacey and Layla have worked together since 2010, developing a portfolio of murals nationwide.


Labrona is a Montreal-based street artist with 2 decades worth of murals across Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Guido Van Helten

Guido van Helten is an artist and photographer with large scale projects throughout Europe, Scandinavia, North America, and Australia.


Alex Currie, also known as “RUNT”, is widely recognized as one of Canada’s truly unique creative visionaries.