Luke Ramsey

Luke Ramsey is a co-founder of the Islands Fold residency, exhibits internationally, and is a public artist and illustrator. With a client list including The New York Times, The Cartoon Network, Patagonia, The BC Children’s Hospital and more, illustrator, designer, painter, and muralist Luke Ramsey uses bold colors and expressive characters to create approachable environments and bring an abundance of delicate, complex life to otherwise known as lonesome public spaces. Luke is also an author with his book “Intelligent Sentient?” published by Drawn & Quarterly, being nominated for a Doug Wright Award.

Mural Title

“Strength and Fragility”

Mural Statement

Alpha House provide a safe and caring environment for individuals whose lives are affected by alcohol and other drug dependencies. “Strength and Fragility” is an abstract landscape of eagle feathers and swallowtail butterfly wings. I chose these items of flight to connect to uplift, and to represent the clients and service providers at this building. The abstraction plays into how things aren’t always pretty and whole, but the broken-up pieces all belong together to transform holistically. This mural was commissioned through BUMP who are doing great work to make space for artists and community groups.

Mural Location

203 15 Ave SE

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