Troy Lovegates

Troy Lovegates, also known as “Other”, is a San Francisco-based Canadian artist. Troy’s uses overlapping bright color, geometric pattern, and distorted detailed characters to bring beautiful and dense chaos to walls, trains, and all manners of the canvas. His work can be found on walls and rail cars across the globe.

Mural Statement

What Lovegates finds most unique about Calgary is that all the positive efforts moving it towards the physical and visual innovation required for a prosperous future, draw heavily and authentically from that which has always been there. Whether it be its beautiful heritage buildings, continual innovation and advancement of the agricultural industry or as a beloved destination for outdoor activities and bustling events, Calgary continues to cultivate the richness of its founding pillars and dynamically grows from there.

Lovegates’ artistic intention would be to capture this human frequency, building from that which is already present, capturing both its cozy nostalgia as well as its warm welcoming present. Through visiting and observing Calgary’s built and natural surfaces and pulling unique threads that weave throughout this special
city, Lovegates would create a beautifully intricate pattern representative of
this thread for the mural background with a familiar portrait in the foreground.

Mural Location

591 17 Ave SW

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