Kevin Cardinal

Calgary, Canada

Kevin Cardinal is of Woodland Cree heritage and is the eldest son of Clifford Gullion and Margaret Lamouche, both members of Bigstone Cree Nation, located in North Central Alberta on Treaty 8 Territory.
Kevin’s body of work is an interpretation of things seen, heard or experienced through travel, cultural and spiritual ceremonies. Incorporating themes of humility, forgiveness, and courage, Kevin’s organic and shape-driven body of work allows each piece to tell its own story.

Mural Statement

The design will represent a healthy, co-operative relationship between the Native culture and the
community. In my artwork I use bold black lines and vibrant lively colors reminiscent of the woodland
style of art. I use animals such as birds, bears, wolves, eagles, beavers, ravens and buffaloes to
represent people or groups of people, and also to represent spiritual beings. I use circles to represent
thoughts, ideas, statements, words, concepts, and principles. Whether you are driving or walking by the artwork, I am hoping that the art piece will aide in promoting a cooperative relationship and bring healing and unity to the community.

Mural Location

940 17 Ave SW

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