TRANSITWORKS is an exciting new collaboration with the City of Calgary. This unique initiative combines the dynamic worlds of public art and urban transit to adorn five CTrain stations across the city with new murals. TRANSITWORKS aims to infuse Calgary’s urban landscape with creativity, culture, and colour, offering an inspiring experience for commuters and the community at large. BUMP Festival sits at an exciting moment of growth and expansion in 2023, and creating accessible public art woven into the city’s infrastructure is a core pillar of BUMP, and TRANSITWORKS fits perfectly into the festival’s mandate. 

Creating further opportunities for local artists is another primary goal of BUMP Festival, through TRANSITWORKS we were able to program five Calgary-based visual artists to take on Max Bell/Barlow, Marlborough, Rundle, Southland and Banff Trail CTrain stations. With local artists come unique stories from within the city and a connection to the stations being painted.  Migration, transience, history, and nature are some of the stories which are being told by the participating artists at our TRANSITWORKS stations. BUMP Festival hopes that this initiative increases civic pride and a sense of community in the public transit network that connects us all.

We encourage you to explore each of our uniquely different TRANSITWORKS stops below:

HARVEY’S STOP : Marlborough Station

KERZEKA’S STOP : Banff Trail Station

MAO PROJECTS’ stop: Barlow/Max Bell Station

JOSH CREIGHTON’S STOP : Southland Station


Previously, BUMP Festival and the City of Calgary joined forces to create the unique ROADWORKS program, an innovative arts initiative to transform ordinary jersey barriers into vibrant canvases supporting local businesses and on-street patios. Projects such as ROADWORKS and, now, TRANSITWORKS are quickly becoming some of the many special initiatives that BUMP Festival creates outside of their core August festival.

Calgary’s appetite for public art continues to grow through BUMP Festival’s programming, vision, and capacity to work with many artists and facilitate opportunities for creatives to engage in dialogue with their city through public art. Public art’s role in shaping urban environments and changing how a city can evolve is something that BUMP Festival continues to explore as its footprint expands. TRANSITWORKS will continue this important conversation and usher in a new era of urban transit-based installations.