Calgary, Hong Kong

Elucious is the nom de guerre of Dr. Stephanie Studzinski. Stephanie recently completed her PhD in Literary Studies and is pursuing a career as a surrealist artist. While Stephanie was born in the US, she has studied and worked in the UK and Hong Kong. Stephanie has a Cantonese spouse and was given a Cantonese moniker which she uses to seal her paintings. The seal materially embodies that we are all fluid, hybrid entities with compounding identities endlessly in process. Stephanie’s artwork embraces a ferocious and luxurious subjectivity to create colorful popsurreal art which challenges the common misconception that black and white reality, the mythic zero world, is the only reality and We all inhabit it. Her work consists of seductive, divergent narratives which lead down unforaged paths to recover unsung stories, unusual acquaintances, and inspirational wild truths.

Elucious is a TRANSITWORKS 2023 artist.

Mural Title

“Art is Adventure”

Mural Statement

This concept visually extends the floor to create the illusion of depth and features a large pitcher plant who has come out of the vent above. The pitcher plant has red baggage and is also waiting for a train to take a trip. A sign next to the plant says “Art is Adventure.”

Mural Location

[Rundle Station] 2529 - 36 Street NE

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