Harvey Nichol Santos [Calgary]

Calgary, Philippines

Harvey Nichol (ᜁᜐ᜔ᜉᜒᜇᜒᜆᜓ ᜐᜈ᜔ᜆᜓᜐ᜔) is a Manila-born, Calgary-based multidisciplinary artist known for his dynamic blend of social commentary, futurism, neo-expressionism, folk, and street art, which he refers to as “social-folk-expressionism.” Currently an undergrad at Alberta University of the Arts majoring in sculpture, Harvey’s artistic exploration spans a wide range of mediums, including painting, murals, storytelling, sculpture, streetwear design, murals, woodworking, and digital art. Harvey has found a creative flow to experiment and push the boundaries of his craft. He continually seeks innovative intersections between artistry and entrepreneurship. Driven by a deep belief in the power of art and creativity.

His work has gained recognition through features in notable magazines and news outlets across Canada and Asia, such as Avenue Magazine, Telus StoryHive, OMNI TV, CBC Calgary, FabeFo Singapore and triART Philippines. Collaborating with local and international brands like LISE LABORATORY, Neo Financial, and Herschel Supply.

Harvey is a TRANSITWORKS 2023 artist.

Mural Title

“Padayon, the Daydreamer”

Mural Statement

“Padayon, the Daydreamer” is a tribute to the extraordinary found within the ordinary, a celebration of the mundane evolving into the fantastic. At the centre of the mural is a woman, her upper body silhouette capturing the essence of commuters lost in thought as they await their journey. From the woman’s head bursts forth a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes, a vibrant explosion of creativity and imagination. This transformative moment encapsulates the power of daydreaming, the capacity for our minds to transcend the everyday and
soar into realms of possibility.

The design of the mural is deeply influenced by Filipino Futurism, a movement that envisions a dynamic and progressive future. As an immigrant and an artist, I draw inspiration from the limitless potential of tomorrow. The geometric shapes and dynamic lines that emanate from the woman’s head convey the forward momentum of progress and innovation. To bridge the past with the future, I incorporate a futuristic version of the forgotten ancient Tagalog script, called baybayin: The word “padayon” (adjective.) (Hiligaynon) is prominently featured, a poignant message that means to move forward. to persist, never giving up despite the adversities. It serves as a reminder of strength and resilience, a message that transcends language and resonates with all who pass by. “Padayon, the Daydreamer” invites commuters and passersby to pause, if only for a moment, and contemplate the extraordinary potential that exists within each of us. That even in the face of challenges, we can forge ahead with determination and hope.

Mural Location

[Marlborough Station] 889 - 36 Street NE

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