Josh Creighton [Calgary]

Calgary, Canada

Josh Creighton is a Multidisciplinary Artist born & raised in Calgary, AB. His artistic focus is in dynamic abstract designs based around visual illusion, and creating a sense of depth and movement, leading the viewer to a perspective of 3D compositions. Utilizing specific shape languages creating a balance of order & chaos, while allowing room for personal interpretation, allowing for unique and individual perceptions. Duality is a recurring theme throughout his work, representing the balance of positive/negative, light/dark, order/chaos, and the relation/connection between these elements.

Josh is a TRANSITWORKS 2023 artist.

Mural Statement

I am inspired by the terrain of the Rocky Mountains surrounding my home of Calgary AB. My landscape work focuses on capturing prominent peaks that I find to have unique & interesting structures. All of my work is based on my own photography and then digitally edited to create a surreal dreamlike landscape. I find the journey to accessing these views to be just as rewarding as the views themselves, while also enjoying being able to share these experiences through my artwork.This work showcases Ha Ling peak & Miners peak from the East end of Rundle, with a thick blanket of clouds covering the valley below, creating a feeling of extreme elevation. The unique perspective of standing on top of a mountain brings the feeling of how small we are, while also showing just how much we can endure. Opening your senses to the surroundings, the rocks under your feet, the breeze in your hair, the gasps of air promptly leaving your lungs making room for the next, all of these pulling you into the present moment. That is the feeling that I want to convey with my artwork, take a deep breath and be here now.

Josh Creighton is a TRANSITWORKS 2023 artist.

Mural Location

[Southland Station] 10158 Sacramento Drive SW

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