Matthew Springer

Calgary, Canada

Matthew is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in Illustration, Painting / Murals, Design, Photography, and Sound art. Matthew is a 2020 graduate from the Alberta University of the Arts with a bachelors degree of distinction in photography. Currently working at Alberta University of the Arts in the Bookstore, and as one of the main graphic designers of the institution to advertise the various student services available to maintain mental health and wellbeing as a student on campus. Throughout his practice Matthew combines both physical mediums such as drawing, painting, collage, and print media with digital processes such as using Photoshop, graphic design, and photography. Exploring different mediums and textures is a big part of his work.

Matthew has successfully been working as a freelance illustrator and designer since 2017. Creating various works such as Event posters, Album covers, Murals, Personalized commissioned drawings / paintings, photographs, clothing, as well as a grant project commissioned by AUArts to create a comic book / personal guide book for all of the current students at the institution. It’s goal was to guide them in making the most out of their experiences being in a post secondary art institution, and how to explore all the different paths you can take as a creative person. Through His illustration he enjoy’s exploring dreamlike worlds and landscapes to escape our minds into the alternate realities of our own imaginations, subconsciously influencing the emotions that we experience in the physical space
of our bodies. Matthew is very interested in creating works of art that stimulate positivity and the drive to continuously better our own awareness of mental health, both within ourselves but also to the communities around us. Positivity and inclusivity are key aspects to changing perspectives and in creating a stimulating and caring community.


Over the past few years Matthew has completed two murals throughout the city of Calgary. One was commissioned between the summers of 2020 and 2021 by a local auto body glass business called Economy Glass, located on 17th Avenue Downtown for their open parking lot ranging at 40’ long and 12’ at it’s highest. This is the largest and most public work He has completed to date. The work is of a bright and happy prehistoric Alien landscape, full of original characters and surreal plant life, as if it were a portal to another planet. It’s intention was to brighten the surrounding monochromatic area to appeal more people to the location, and liven the visual culture of 17th Avenue.

The other mural was commissioned by The Brenda Strafford Foundation during March – April of 2019 within the Wentworth Manor location, specifically in the wing that looks after longterm care patients dealing with Alzheimers and Dementia. At 12’ long and 8’ high the mural was designed to present familiar aspects of wildlife and landscapes that the residents have close ties to from their times living in Canada, improving the residents mood through colour and variety to their environment in order for it to feel less like a sterile medical institution, and to bring positivity to the visitors who would regularly come and see their family members living inside the building.

2023 BUMP BEER : Meet Me In The City

For the 2023 BUMP Festival, we collaborated with The Establishment Brewing Company to create a new festival beer for the summer. Matthew Springer was invited to design a beer that embraced the spirit of PLAY and represent this year’s themes. You can read more about this special project & Matthew’s beer can design here.