Monday May 1, 2023

As the first official part of the 2023 BUMP Festival, we kick off May with 20 visual artists who will be a part of this year’s Road Works program. The artists who make up the program this year come from many worlds – as we begin to show you what they work on for BUMP Festival, you may see depictions of vast prairie solitude, Canadiana beasts, neo-expressionist takes of our era, ancient & modern portraits, magical realism, lush jungles, conversations about mental health and much more. Informed by various schools of thought and artistic experience, our 2023 Road Works artists are going to make our city more playful, experimental and interesting through their work on 60 concrete barriers. Stay tuned for artist announcements & our behind-the-scenes as these amazing artists start painting.

The artists painting for the Road Works program are:

SLAMO / Sarah Johnston / Maya Rae Art / Krotchety / Chrysalis / Adrianne Williams / Cam Hoff / FLOZ / Lux Mcleod / Yiting Hui / ONIOB / Matthew Springer / Money Blanco / John F. Gerrard / Gladzy Kei / Mandy STOBO / Erin Saunders / Contemporary Vice / Nathan Meguinis / LALA

The BUMP Road Works Program was launched in 2021 through the City of Calgary to create safer adaptive patios and road infrastructure. The Road Works program creates small scale public art installations on concrete traffic barriers to be utilized in neighborhoods across Calgary. Artists who are curated to be a part of Roadworks are given the opportunity to create a series of 2-5 Road Works pieces, encouraging them to think about art that is functional and transient in the public realm.