In June 2022, the legendary German graffiti artist, DAIM joined with BUMP in his Canadian debut to paint the world’s tallest mural in Calgary’s vibrant Beltline neighbourhood. Standing at 310 ft, this is a landmark mural in Calgary that is aimed at cementing the city on the international map as a creative hub for artists and powerful public art.

Known for his large-size, 3D-style graffiti works, DAIM, born Mirko Reisser, is an internationally renowned artist who has been creating public artworks for 30+ years. His work has been exhibited in prolific galleries and museums around the world including the MACRO Museum Rome, Italy, Museum of Modern Art Bremen, and Museum Marta Herford, Germany. His work is nurtured from urban landscapes, as well as absorbing influences from printmaking, painting, and architecture. Balancing a variety of content and techniques with his individual style, DAIM’s geometric figures and letters obey the laws of light and shadow, but defy gravity and space, transporting the beholder to new dimensions. DAIM brought his years of experience and influences to this Calgary mural, which was a career milestone for him as well.

DAIM’s mural in Calgary was painted on the east wall of Hazelview’s First on Tenth (123 10 Ave SW) in the centre of the Beltline, just across the CPR tracks from the Calgary Tower. In the spirit of international artistic collaboration, BUMP facilitated the opportunity for three local artists to support DAIM in this incredible mega-project; JD Warkentin , Josh Creighton & AJ Starlight.Mentorship & connecting opportunities such as this is a major part of how the BUMP Festival intends to create trajectories for local artists to grow their professional network and further understand and evolve their own practice.

This mural was made possible in partnership with Hazelview Properties, Vertigo Solutions at Height, and Verve Projects.

Visit DAIM’s Artist Page