The BUMP Road Works Program was launched in 2021 through the City of Calgary to create safer adaptive patios and road infrastructure. The Road Works program creates small scale public art installations on concrete traffic barriers that go on to be utilized in neighbourhoods across Calgary. Artists who are curated to be a part of Roadworks are given the opportunity to typically create a series of 2-5 Road Works pieces, encouraging them to think about art that is functional, playful and transient in the public realm. Road Works barriers provide a canvas for artists who like working on unique surfaces, it can be an interesting opportunity to experiment with design and functionality, or it can be a way for emerging artists to learn and practice scaling up their work.

While we know that the Jersey Barriers artists’ paint will end up all over the city, there is certainly an element of surprise in not knowing exactly where your piece could go. Our Roadworks artists design and paint their canvas’s with this in mind – that their art has the capacity to spark joy, wonder, play and dialogue in a variety of different neighbourhoods, potentially even traveling further than one site and reaching new eyes every day. 

The program has also become a unique way for artists to mentor each other, fostering connections in Calgary’s arts community. Through hands-on collaboration and guidance, new artists gain invaluable insights and skills, while established artists have the chance to share their expertise and inspire the next generation of creatives. This mentorship aspect enhances the artistic quality of the Road Works barriers and strengthens bonds within the local arts community, creating a supportive environment where artists can thrive and grow together. To date, 68 local artists have been supported by the Road Works program creating over 230 jersey barrier installations

21 innovative local artists made up the 2024 cohort, pushing boundaries and sparking conversations by transforming Calgary’s streets into a vibrant gallery again. From cheeky monsters and playful creatures to unique neo-expressionism and bold assertions about our era, the 2024 cohort includes rising local stars and new faces entering Calgary’s burgeoning arts scene. These artists painted together on site for two weeks, fostering new community bonds and artistic synergy, and sharing techniques and ideas to inspire future works.


Katie Allard / Shuo Liu / Mayi Mosaver / test tube puppy / Vanja Kragulj / Maxwell Webber / Breehound / Orana / Diamond Dino / Kate Beck / Ventura Jones / Mitch Tukkimaki – Verwar Industries / Day Pajarillo / La Güita / Hal / Elucious / Macanjy / Kaitlynn Copithorne / Lusine Manukyan / No-Body:) / Tower

You can watch a 2024 Road Works video here.