Graffiti as an art form has a long history, beginning in the mid 19th century throughout urban America. Graffiti itself is a form of street art, focusing on flowing and expressive design; a form of expression that has allowed for underrepresented and unheard voices to exist in public spaces in powerful and immediate ways. Graffiti culture has played a huge role in BUMP from the start, with many of our largest mural projects led by prolific graffiti artists from around the world. Street art sits at the very heart of BUMP’s mission to transform and activate urban space and the work of the graffiti artists we have been able to program have started important conversations and shifted spaces in the city. Most importantly, their work has influenced other writers in Alberta to also carry on this important art form.

We have been able to host 4 Graffiti Jams so far, these jams are summer events held outdoors where experienced Graffiti writers are asked to come paint together in the midst of an awesome outdoor party. The first Graffiti Jam was a joint graffiti wall that can be found on. In 2021 and 2022 we hosted Graffiti Jams up high on Calgary’s new High Park rooftop at 340 10 Ave SW. All these jams brought together writers for a day of live painting on the high park site. These artists tackled their High Park walls at the same time to a backdrop of amazing music, beer & delicious food. We are thrilled to provide safe space for these artists to share their skills and collaborate on unique walls in Calgary each year.