CBC Calgary’s Battle of the Burbs was a six week competition between Calgary communities to pick Calgary’s best suburb. After nearly 119,000 votes, the community of Silver Springs was crowned as Calgary’s best suburb. As a reward, the winning community won a Calgary Eyeopener walking show + celebration and a mural painted with a BUMP artist to be completed during the 2022 Festival.

Mike Hooves, a local queer 2022 BUMP artist was selected from our shortlist to take this project forward. Their Silver Springs mural is Dynamic and kinetic, presenting a colorful, expressive and flowing design that evokes beautiful pathways and gardens that populate the neighborhood, as well as the welcoming and energetic community that calls it home. This mural gives us a vision of a vibrant and beautiful Calgary, that we’re proud to share as part of the 2022 BUMP Festival.

Visit Mike Hooves’s Artist Page.

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