August 05, 2023

12:00 PM - 18:00 PM

Each year BUMP brings together artists from all over Canada with varying backgrounds, specialities and artistic expression for our annual GRAFFITI JAM. A large part of our public art community is spearheaded by the work that graffiti writers do. Whether they are well known or remain a silent yet powerful force through their recognizable tags, their art functions as distinct public art portals that ask cities interesting questions about the past, present and future in evocative ways. You might be surprised to know that our city has a pretty incredible graffiti art scene with new and old artists moving together to create iconic pieces that sit on the nooks, crannies and alleys of our growing city. 

This fantastic yearly event will bring together 6 graffiti artists from all over Canada for a day of live graffiti writing to a backdrop of amazing music from the rising electronic DJ gang Back and Forth, the launch of our 2023 BUMP Beer with Establishment Brewing Company, a 3×3 basketball tournament and much more

To sign up for our 3×3 Basketball Tournament please go to the link below 🙂 Spots are filling up quick. And YES there will be a prize to the winning team from BUMP Festival.


2023 Graff Writers: Hasr, CASE TDV, Sirvis, Wizwon, ONIONHEAD, Voes, Dre


High Park

340 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB