Saturday November 25, 2023

The BUMP Festival has spent the past seven years bolstering Calgary’s arts ecosystem by making our city into an ever-expanding open-air gallery. Artists at various points in their artistic careers join BUMP Festival each year, forming connections with each other and increasing their arts network. Creating an arts-rich ecosystem goes hand in hand with providing opportunities to our local arts community and pathways for expanding artistic practices in the public art space.

Bringing local, national and international artists to paint to the same festival allows for an increased arts network, community building, knowledge sharing and the development of new projects. 

Through BUMP’s mentorship program, emerging New visual artists are given access to paid mentorship as well as all of our festival programming, artist networking events, and workshops. We bring local artists into the public arts space with professional support and community so they are better equipped to further their practice. Through this mentorship program, we hope to develop the next generation of public artists who will paint murals across Canada and beyond!

In 2023, the BUMP Festival:

  • Commissioned new public works from 30 local artists.
  • Supported 12 local visual artists painting their first public art installations
  • Provided 20 local artists with professional mentorship
  • Hosted 7 professional development events for Calgary artists
  • Created new public art opportunities for local artists through our  ROAD WORKS program, wherein 65 new public artworks were created by 21 local visual artists
  • Launched  TRANSIT WORKS, which brought new public art murals painted by local artists to 5 LRT stations across the city.
  • Hosted Artist Talks at Contemporary Calgary to engage the city with enriching dialogue between artists and the public.

The BUMP Festival creates a more connected, active and informed local arts community, and in 2024, we intend to continue strengthening our events programming with more workshops, mentoring and opportunities for knowledge sharing in our arts community. 

Please give today to the 2023 BUMP Drive, running till November 30! Your generous gift will help transform our city! 


1) Donate today!  Help us reach our fundraising goal of $10,000 so we can continue to build capacity in the local arts community. 

2) Spread the word! Please share the 2023 BUMP Drive with your friends and family! And don’t forget to share what you love about the BUMP Festival, including your favourite artists, murals or events!

To learn more about the past year, you can read our 2023 Community Impact report and watch our 2023 Community Impact Video.