Yasaman [Toronto]

Yasaman Mehrsa is a Toronto-based visual artist with a focus on public art. Born and raised in
Tehran/Iran, she got exposed to art from a young age. She completed her studies with a Bachelor
of Visual Communication in Iran and later achieved Bachelor with honours in Visual Arts from
Brock University in St. Catharines/Canada. She uses both digital and traditional mediums. She
works on a wide variety of projects including painting, illustration, murals, and community art.
Yasaman’s work is illustrative in style with a focus on storytelling and exploring human-nature
relationships. Inspired by nature, she creates whimsical and vibrant art and expresses different
emotions to inspire her audiences to discover their imagination, feeling, and interaction with the
natural environment. Yasaman has mentored and instructed junior artists, art students, and
community members.

Mural Location

1202-1210 17 AVE SW

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