Bogota, Colombia

Wosnan is an urban artist and illustrator born in Bogotá, Colombia. His interest is in scrutinizing possible origins of existence, in exploring possible causes of everything we see and in extolling that there are also worlds that we have not yet seen. This has come to introduce in part to topics such as biology, alien paradises, entomology, existentialism, lost civilizations, ancestral beliefs and science fiction.

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Mural Title


Mural Statement

In an homage to Canada and the richness of our forests, Wosnan highlights in his beautiful mural the decline of our green areas due to human intervention. Rising from nature an ancient guardian of the forest who merges the realms of magic, other worlds and dimensions, spirit and space stands tall looking over our city – in hope, in wonder, in a challenge to ask us to be better protectors of our environment.

Mural Location

1411 7 ST SW

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