Montreal, Canada

As a practitioner of aerosol art, Stare is renowned for his innovative and versatile style. His work depicts a stirring chemistry between adventurous color schemes and electrifying effects, overlayed on the architecture of his organized glyph, both imposing and graceful. With a hardened style to call his own, Stare has literally marked the face of Montreal’s urban scenery.

It was in 1996 that Stare’s adventure started. He is accredited to have strategically decorated Montreal’s metropolitan landscape using audacious and singular imagery. Touching all disciplines of aerosol art, he quickly became a career muralist without ever stagnating the practice and passion of the art. He has been involved in the creation of major murals that are considered to be historic monuments of Montreal’s urban scenery. Defying traditional techniques and methods commonly observed in traditional mural painting, Stare’s murals are designed and created to integrate with the surrounding environment while always respecting, incorporating and ultimately enriching the existing architecture.

Stare has left his imprint in multiple cities like Paris, Miami, Barcelona, Toronto, Sao Paolo, Taipei and even brought his work to places that knew little or were relatively unfamiliar with this type of art. He has touched upon multiple spheres of public art in several social and commercial projects. Having participated in Calgary and international exhibits, he presented his first solo show “Star d’un soir” in 2013 in Montreal, an event immortalizing an ephemeral page of Montreal contemporary public art history.
Stare has forged a powerful aesthetic that has lasted and ripened through the years. Constantly exploring his style and never stagnating into one thing, but simply letting it grow. To this day, he keeps the love of pushing himself to give more to this art through large scale mural creations and gallery expositions.

Mural Title


Mural Statement

In my work, glyphs are treated as autonomous entities that defy their usual structures. Sketches, textures, shadows, lines and outlines become fundamental elements of the Composition.

In this case, I am exploiting the length of the wall to create a horizontal motion. This piece is inspired by the materials and textures of the structure itself as well as the surrounding area’s luminosity.

Colorwise, the mural interacts with the architecture, creating a dialogue with the palette of its surroundings, through a contextual approach that mindfully seeks balance of tones and contrast to blend this large work with subtlety in the environment.

Mural Location

839 5th Ave SW, 840 6th Ave SW

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