Seeroro [Vancouver]

Carolyn is a Chinese Canadian artist and has collaborated on design projects with national institutions, local municipalities, and small businesses. Her past clients include the Bank of Montreal, Purolator, the City of Richmond, Vancouver Chinatown BIA, False Creek Harbour Authority, Steveston Harbour Authority, and the Vancouver Mural Festival. Carolyn has a deep love for storytelling and thrives on creating vibrant illustrations that celebrate nature and community values. As a first-generation Chinese-Canadian, her work reflects both Eastern and Western influences as she draws on nostalgic themes that resonate with diaspora communities. Carolyn’s artwork celebrates the beauty of nature using colourful graphic forms combined with dynamic natural elements.

Watch her Artist Highlight here.

Mural Title


Mural Statement

A euphoric wildlife scene featuring the Tortoise and Hare in a perfectly harmonious array of psychedelic colours. The artwork is inspired by the year of the water rabbit according to the lunar calendar, and is also reminiscent of the well known folktale. Rather than focusing on who wins the race, the artwork hopes to spark a sense of joy and stillness in the present moment. There is plenty of beauty to appreciate all around us and all it takes is a moment to stop and admire the lilies.

Mural Location

625 11 AVE SW

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