Sarah Slaugher

Slaughter is a Calgary based visual artist whose practice is a reflection of her wide open perspective and respect for multi-disciplinary creation. Immersed in a world where art is everything, she distinguishes herself by her versatility and fearless approach to design and ingenuity.

Mural Title

“Sneaky Peek”

Mural Statement

I’m thrilled to have a mural location in the Beltline, especially along our 12th Avenue cycle path. The open public location allows full accessibility to art and has certainly inspired my design. As people move past the mural, whether it’s in a rush to work or a relaxing stroll, my aim is to put a smile on their face. The simplicity of smiling reduces stress and generates more positive emotions, and my colourful quirky mural is designed to contribute to good health. The mural is a forced perspective display of condominium-style birdhouses, with sneaky cats popping up in several spots. A singular little bird is successfully avoiding their daunting hunt, happily placed right in the middle. Whether it’s the artistic colour and strong lines or the kooky concept, I hope that my BUMP mural contributes to making the city of Calgary an attractive and fun destination.

Mural Location

806 12 Ave SW

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