Sarah Johnston

Calgary, Canada

After graduating from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2008 Sarah has spent the last twelve years working full time as a Graphic Designer for several companies in Calgary. Not limited to just print and web creative work, Sarah also has experience with large scale mural paintings, augmented reality, giphy stickers and hand lettered sign painting. Her designs are inspired by the local landscapes and perspectives of the mural sites. Often resulting in nature themed work. She believes that small, meaningful choices can be combined for larger impact that allows the viewers to relate to the artwork in a positive manner. She prefers to design murals with traditional methods of pencil, ink and marker comps. This allows for the freedom and flexibility when placing the artwork on site to make the work fit the space from a human scale and turn site constraints into unique features of the artwork.Most recently Sarah completed two large scale murals as part of Red Deer’s Meet The Artist Public Art project.