Calgary, Canada

ONIOB is the combined efforts of Dominique Berger and Serena Williamson into one super cool and crazy creative force. ONIOB stands for Onion + Berger: Onion being Serenas little mascot, and Berger well, being Dominique’s last name.

Both students are in their third year at AUArts, their practices are centred around abstract and organic forms and the whimsy of the natural world. Their collective style is fun, colourful, and full of detail, never taking itself too seriously. The two are interdisciplinary artists, finding themselves often working in a variety of 2D and 3D mediums as well as digitally. When not creating, the two love to explore the world around them as well as listen to and make music!

Always open to new challenges, this will be the two’s first time working on a larger scale. They are soo excited to draw some crazy blobs and beasts!