Natalie Nehlawi

Kanata, Canada

Natalie is a first generation Canadian with a Syrian background. Natalie’s work draws inspiration from her community and she values work that brings people together. As a practicing screenprinter she works naturally in layers, which contributes to her distinctive graphic style. She uses limited colour palettes and focuses primarily on strong concepts, composition, and graphic shapes. Recently, Natalie worked on large scale photorealistic murals for Canada’s National Holocaust memorial.

Mural Statement

I have always had an interest in public art in modern day communities. I believe art and its message should be accessible to everyone, not just people who can afford a ticket into a gallery. Having my work public is not only inclusive to all but is better fit as my work is ultimately inspired by the diversity of the community itself. As an artist who has always drawn inspiration from my community, I want my work to be another reason to bring people together. My work is very graphic. I use limited colour palettes and focus primarily on a strong concept, composition, and graphic shape. As a practicing screenprinter, I naturally work in layers. When I execute my murals I work colour by colour. I want my work to demonstrate strength in community. As a first generation Canadian with a Syrian back-ground, I would like to see my art contribute to Canada’s Cultural mosaic.

Mural Location

10th Avenue and 12 Street

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