Calgary, Canada

Nasarimba is a collaborative art practice between visual artists Mikhail Miller and Rachel Ziriada. They have developed a visual vocabulary across a range of mediums including printmaking, painting, sculpture, installation and murals. The content of Nasarimba’s work engages with relationships between form and colour, as well as studies in pattern, perspective, and architecture. Their work is generated through experimentation with analog processes of drafting, stencilling, collage, and paper cutouts.

Mural Statement

Through our travels to cities across Canada, the USA and Mexico we have been exposed to a range of contemporary mural art alongside historical mural painting and public sculpture. We have been inspired by early twentieth century experimentations with abstraction and the graphic quality of modernist movements such as art deco, constructivism, dada, and minimalism. We are working in a specific graphic style as part of a larger resurgence of abstraction in an expanding global muralist movement. We strive to experiment and push compositional boundaries of how art can function and interact within public space. NASARIMBA is interested in mural painting because we want to add vibrant colourful forms and unique abstract compositions to the urban landscape of Calgary. The presence of contemporary artwork on publicly accessible walls in Calgary fosters a sense of community and belonging outside of standard public graphics that often have a commercial focus. Through our murals, we hope to add a sense of play and positivity to the city. We offer stimulating and harmonious visual poetry for the public to live with and grow alongside in their day to day activities. The abstract nature of our work allows viewers to access it in their own way, resulting in a plethora of meaning and interpretation. This positive addition to the Beltline fosters a more walkable community where people can explore the city and discover artwork along the way.

Mural Location

1022 17th Avenue SW

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