Moe Dawg

Vancouver, Canada

Moe Dawg is a Vancouver-based artist born in Calgary. He has been working on and off as an artist for over a decade and has painted all over Canada, Europe, and some parts of the United States.

Mural Statement

I wanted to stay true to my graffiti roots and produce work that embraced traditional graffiti culture. Graffiti paved the way for all forms of street art so representing it was very important to me. I included a “wizard” character that is trying to control a caged earth. This is a metaphor of otherworldly forces trying to control our destiny but inevitably struggling to maintain their hold (represented by fire). The right side of the wall displays a merchant type of figure. He represents the temptations we all face but need to have the strength to turn down. Centered on the wall is a person trapped in their ways. The fence and barbed wire was inspired by the adjacent train yard

Mural Location

640 10 Ave SW

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