Michelle Ku

Calgary, Canada

Michelle Ku is an artist and animator best known for her paintings exploring the mind-body connection. She is a Canadian-born child of immigrants from Hong Kong. In 2017, she graduated with a Graphic Design BA from Central Saint Martins, and currently works in animation alongside her painting practice. Michelle has worked with Cartoon Network, Blink Ink, and FX among others.

Mural Title

“Subconscious Radio”

Mural Statement

“This design is inspired by the feeling of lying down and trying to meditate. Sometimes I’m able to be conscious of different thoughts and let them float by and disperse. Sometimes I notice myself dissassociating a little, where I go off into my imagination and thoughts so much that I’m no longer very present. Sometimes I can jump onto different clouds of thoughts consciously, other times they just grab me and suck me in. When I’m painting or sketching out ideas, I’m in that kind of happy medium where I can stay present enough to get down ideas, and I’m also connected to my imagination but not totally lost in it. That is one of the sweet spots of feeling like I’m tuned into my subconscious radio.”

Mural Location

1201 1 St SW

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