Michelle Hoogveld

Michelle Hoogveld is a Canadian painter and mural artist, whose distinctive style is inspired by colour theory, connection, and matters of the heart. Michelle creates compositions of bold patterns and textile-like blockings of colour, with layers that weave and fold together as an intricate tapestry of who we are, celebratory of human identity and emotion.
Her colourful works are internationally recognized, beautifying and uplifting spaces in both the public and private realm. Creating around the world, Michelle has worked with a wide range of clients in Canada, the United States, Peru, Mexico, Germany, Portugal and England. Michelle holds a B.S. in Design from Lynn University as well as a BEd in Arts from University of British Columbia.

Mural Title

“Love, Said the People”

Mural Statement

Combining op art with bold transitions of colour, ‘Love, Said The People’ creates a visual narrative of using ones voice as an expression of love. As the piece flows from geometric shapes into a gradient of turquoise, each circle is representative of the many thoughts and emotions that go through one’s mind. The image appears abstracted until one is at a certain distance from the wall, revealing the opportunity to connect with others in a reciprocal exchange, discovering more about oneself and others, in a conversation rooted straight from the heart.

Mural Location

1331 16 Ave SW

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