Max Cardinal

Montreal, Canada

“I grew up writing graffiti in a few small towns across Canada. As you grow older, usually you become more mature & I started to realize where I want to focus my talents. I’ve gotten most of my practice spray painting in the streets, and my father is an industrial painter by trade. So, I’ve spent a lot of my life around paint and products. But over the past years, I’ve been getting invited to big events and art shows, which is where I aim to be. When I do art, it’s usually freestyle. When it comes to my art, it really depends on how that specific spot is making me feel at the time, and I’ll go with that instinct of freestyle art. Specifically for this mural, I would like to represent time and patience in the mural. As patience is a virtue, and timing is everything. I truly believe something like this will stand out to people, especially in these times of the pandemic.”

Mural Title


Mural Location

340 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0A6

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