Marcia Harris

Calgary, Canada

Marcia Harris graduated in 2004 with a BFA from University of British Columbia Okanagan in Kelowna, B.C. She majored in painting, drawing, photography and printmaking. Since then Harris has sold her work throughout Western Canada. Her work is part of various permanent collections throughout Alberta including Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Royal Alexander Hospital in Edmonton.

Many of Harris’ past works have depicted environmental themes including bees in their cohabitation and Colony Collapse Disorder. Harris also did studies and paintings about the Pine Beetle and its damaging effects in Western Canada. She had two public exhibitions with her work in that regard. Her current subject matter is more specific to urban and architectural themes.

Mural Title

“Look Within”

Mural Statement

My BUMP mural was inspired by the business behind the wall. When I discovered the wall I was to paint I immediately went in to meet the business owner and took a few photos.
Later on I realized I needed to go back and take more inside shots as my ideas for the concept were beginning to develop. This was my first time doing a mural and I wanted to be excited about the design but also be confident that it could be executed properly with the timeframe and structure of the wall. As a painter i had just finished a series titled: Affected City Series which consisted of various exteriors and notorious landmarks in Calgary including Peters Drive In and Calgary Central Library. I thought that an interesting concept would be to do the reverse of that on an outside wall of an exterior. My final decision for the design was depict the inside of the Barber Culture Shop on their outside wall. The title Look Within is literal in the sense of seeing something exposed from inside out. However also metaphorically as a statement to discover truths internally. The title works on many levels in terms of how the viewer would choose to interpret it. My final plan is to now do a painting of this building with the mural on it to add to my series of Calgary exteriors and affected businesses.

Mural Location

1520 6 Street SW

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