Mr. Malin

Montreal, Canada

Since his debut in 2005 in graffiti he has always had the desire to rediscover himself. He evolved in streetart and this movement allowed him to make his place. He took part in several events in province of Quebec, of which he was the artistic director. Passionate about urban typography, he explores its different styles. Over the years, he has acquired great versatility in his aesthetic proposals

Typography is the starting point in the development of his compositions. Often pushed to the limit of abstraction, he perceives words made up of letters as an organism made up of its members. These bodies enter into symbiosis with the surface, subsist there and undergo the changes of time. He attaches great importance to the environment in which he designs a mural. Nature is often the subject of his creations. He considers the colors of the place, the architecture and the materiality in the conceptualization of his pictorial  intervention. He wants his murals to merge with the  environment as if they had been there forever.

Mural Statement

I want to highlight the vegetation that takes control of the territories affected by forest
fires. The black morel (edible) is presented in this work as a symbol of renewal. Life always
resumes no matter what. Ferns are also present in post-fire areas.

Mural Location

507 17 AVE SW

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