, Nigeria

JOLA Adeniji, or Macanjy Art as I’m known in the creative realm, doesn’t just create art;
I live it. With a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts, majoring in Technical/Set Design and
Lighting, my artistic journey is a tapestry woven with technical finesse and creative
passion. From the detailed strokes of hyperrealistic drawings to the vibrant bursts of
color in acrylic paintings, mixed media, each piece tells a story close to my heart.
My seven-year artistic odyssey has seen me immerse myself in the world of public art
and murals, live paintings etc, turning city walls into canvas-sized narratives. It’s not justabout aesthetics; it’s about making a statement and reflecting the pulse of society.

And then there’s the “DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN” movement – a personal
commitment to shedding light on the struggles faced by underrepresented women.
Through visual tales, I aim to ignite conversations, prompt reflection, and perhaps,
inspire change.

My academic journey, coupled with the experiences of over five solo exhibitions and
four group showcases, one rebuild of a 1967 volkswagen beetle which was also
exhibited titled “RAGS to RICHES” has shaped not just my art but also my perspective.
It’s not just a practice; it’s a personal exploration, a commitment to bridging the technical with the heartfelt, creating a space where art meets life.
Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, a city of beauty, resilience, and street-smart survival, my art is shaped by the vibrant chaos of this environment. Life here is a blend of tough
challenges and breathtaking moments, a juxtaposition that refines my perspective and
fuels my creative expression. Lagos, with its captivating contrasts, has become both my
muse and mentor, influencing every stroke and narrative woven into my artistic journey
as Macanjy Art.

I want to show people my culture, style, African patterns and motifs, i want to show the
world AFRICA.