, Canada

Kerzeka is a dynamic artistic duo with a passion for muralism, community connection and spreading the spirit of art through live painting and teaching.

Tiziano (a.k.a. Kerz) was born in Rome and has lived in Canada for over ten years. He has been a mural artist here in Calgary for the past five years and has been teaching mural camps for over three years. Tiziano’s style is mainly inspired by professional graffiti art. He draws inspiration for his subject matter from his Italian background, often depicting Roman sculptures and architecture in his work.

Desiree (a.k.a. Zeka) is a Canadian artist who is currently pursuing a style that can be best described as abstract realism. She focuses on creating unique compositions through the study of nature, shape and lighting; often depicting portraits and animals in her work.

Together as a duo, they have been able to smoothly blend their styles, creating art that is balanced between abstract street art and realism.

Mural Title

“New Paradigm”

Mural Statement

New Paradigm“New Paradigm” is a simple representation of the natural evolution of life through the use of abstract realism. The vertical composition brings the viewer through time as they scan the mural from bottom to top; seeing the mural transition from a flower bud to a flower at full bloom and then to a hopeful woman gazing into the future.

Mural Location

1338 16 Ave SW,

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