Kalum Teke Dan

Calgary, Canada

Kalum Teke Dan has been painting for 20 years. His work reflects his personal reflections and observations surrounding the spirituality of his people and the energy around us. Kalum, who originates from the Blood Tribe in Southern Alberta, is quickly becoming one of western Canada’s up and coming Aboriginal artists.

Mural Title

“Bones of Our Past”

Mural Statement

This is a piece that speaks towards the history of the residential school system and powerfully depicts the survival and strength of Indigenous people, even through historical violence. Kalum paints a girl in traditional regalia with her buffalo skull staff, ravens fly around her ushering her forward. This mural sits high above Mohkinstsis, on High Park and should serve as a reminder of what it really means for all of us to exist on this land, and how much more work there needs to be done for true reconciliation. At BUMP we hope to continue programming incredible Indigenous muralists whose public art shifts our perspectives in real time, whose transformation of public spaces around the city is necessary and profound.

Mural Location

340 10 Ave SW

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