Harneet, Ravina & Zoe

Calgary, Canada

Born and raised in Alberta, Harneet Kaur Chahal, Ravina Kaur Toor, and Zoe Harveen Kaur Sihota are three Calgary artists who are uniting their unique styles to create an important public art mural in Calgary.

“The purpose and intention of the piece we’re creating is to bridge the gap between art and advocacy. When art is for and done by communities of color, it becomes a tool in advocating for social justice. From the Black Lives Matter movement to the Farmer Protests in India, it is evident that our global struggles are interconnected, and in every fight for justice, art has allowed us to express our authentic emotions.

Calgary has one of the youngest and most diverse populations in the country. The social fabric of this city is woven with different cultures, languages and identities, making Calgary an incredible place to call home. However, growing up, we never saw South Asian communities represented in traditional art spaces. We have found ourselves inspired to create art that centers the hybrid identities of us as artists, as well as our people in the conversation of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Our project is an opportunity for us, as women of color, to showcase our art and to allow people from diverse backgrounds see themselves represented in the city they call home. Art organizations across the country, including BUMP, have committed to building community, promoting dialogue, and amplifying the voices of BIPoC artists.

Through this mural we have the opportunity to showcase that. Regardless of our mural-specific experience: we are here, we are talented, and we are capable of telling our stories through artistic mediums

Mural Title

“Still I Rise”

Mural Statement

Still I Rise’ honors the strength and perseverance of farmers and also seeks to remind us of our collective power in the face of injustice. The farmer’s protests in India are inextricably linked to the global agrarian crisis, impacting farmers and equitable access to food.

Mural Location

1230 17 Ave SW

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