Gladzy Kei

Calgary, Philippines

Gladzy Kei is a Filipino-Canadian contemporary muralist and illustrator from Calgary, AB. She is
an advocate of female empowerment and is passionate about amplifying the voices of minorities, including her Filipino culture. Her character designs and mural work show contemporary colors and whimsical shapes that contribute to telling her stories. She is also a crazy cat lady that loves painting minimalist artwork inspired by her two fur babies! One day she hopes to paint huge mural wall of cats that look like they are dominating the city!

Gladzy has worked with a wide range of local and international clients, from restaurants, clothing stores, and galleries. She has participated in mural festivals like YYC Bump, Northern Reflections Window Exhibition, and painted murals funded by Calgary Arts Development. Gladzy is also one of the first artists for C-space Artist incubator initiative and has been interviewed by CBC Calgary about her cosplay and sculpture work.