Calgary, Canada

“My name is aj starlight from tsuutina nation, husbanded and father to 3 boys and a newborn girl,I have been doing graffiti since 1998 my style is described as a cluster of lines arrows and swirls creating a letter shape wildstlye.my graffiti is inspired by old school new York graff writers.. Lately I have been painting my culture shapes and designs inspired from my nation and family along with my wife’s Sioux family lineage.keeping our culture going for others to enjoy and learn is important not just for my and my family but for all who reside in Calgary to learn the history.”

AJ, who goes by Flur was one of three Calgary based artists who assisted in painted the worlds tallest mural by DAIM for the 2022 BUMP Festival. He was was also one of the 2022 Roadworks DOVER artists.