Yellowknife, Canada

FLOZ is a Freelance Illustrator and Visual Artist born in Yellowknife, NWT, and a member of the YKDFN (Yellowknife’s Dene First Nation); residing in Calgary, AB, who graduated from the Alberta College of Art & Design. “FLOZ” started as a term used to describe the imperfections within his artwork. The great struggle for the Artist to transcribe the ‘image’ within our heads, into a physical ‘art-form’.  We are all perfectionist’s to some extent. So much can happen between those stages, both good and bad. It was within these ‘imperfections’ and ‘flaws’ of the artwork where his personal style began to change. To embrace the mistakes that are made during the artistic process, and in life – maybe something new will develop from this successful, or failed idea. Nothing is ever perfect, but nonetheless we try.