Elicser Elliott

Toronto, Canada

Elicser Elliott is a Toronto-based aerosol artist whose creations adorn the cultural landscape here and abroad. As an integral part of downtown Toronto’s street art community for over a decade, he has been recognized for his artistry and praised by both street and fine art collectors all over the world. His work has been featured in a multitude of publications, hung in prestigious galleries like the Art Gallery of Ontario, and for a number of years he had his own installation in the Royal Ontario Museum.

Although he is a Montreal native, Elicser grew up on the West Indian island of St. Vincent, where he was first made aware of his artistic abilities. His father was the creative genius behind the country’s annual festival, and he followed alongside him while he created the costumes for the event, trying to recreate the designs to the best of his ability. Eventually his family returned to Canada, where he was introduced to the world of street art while attending the Etobicoke School of the Arts. However, suffering from the influence of what he describes as the “West Indian mindset” he had not seriously considered art as a possible occupation until he had a discussion with a guidance counselor who encouraged him to study animation at Sheridan College.

Mural Title

“Thanks for Being There to Hold My Ears As They Burn”

Mural Statement

The piece centres on love, support and holding space for another. In the immediate physical surroundings, a new park is being made, along with a stage, playground…etc. The middle mural calls for patience and understanding for all people. For instance, the red sweater character is not having a good day, holding his knees, the second character is there to hold space for them in support, noticed by the body positioning. Let the space be a place for connecting and a core driver of compassionate exchanges.

Mural Location

1515 Centre Street S

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