Dinho Bento

Ottawa, Brazil

Dinho Bento is a Brazilian artist residing in Ottawa. Active in street art since 2005, he has worked on dozens of artistic projects in several countries. Dinho was born in a small town in Brazil. Since childhood, he had a deep connection with the culture and nature of the countryside. Later, this connection, combined with his training as an artist, led him to use, symbolically, the elements of nature and the human figure as the main starting points for discussing different themes. His approaches range from environmental discussions to deeper issues involving his feelings and spirituality. Thus, he seeks to expose his stimuli in an unconventional way in his paintings.

In Dinho’s universe, everything is interconnected as part of a larger system. His works are generally associated with the different feelings and experiences he lives and observes in the world. Generally, he presents the human figure integrated with other organic elements, reasserting our species as a part directly connected to nature.

Thus, he presents his creations in a light, reflective and contemplative way, even when addressing more sensitive and delicate themes.

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Mural Title


Mural Statement

The proposal portrays some endangered species in Canada, the Gray Fox, the Grizzly Bear, and the Eastern Cougar, along with two human figures. It symbolizes our inseparable connection with the natural world. The warm tones of the color palette allude to an environmental wake-up call, highlighting the impact of the climate change and human actions that need to be contained.

The entire work gains the same texture, where a visual effect is worked on simulating an organic texture, as if all the elements were chiseled or carved in a big wooden wall. This reinforces the interconnection of all the elements within the natural system, which are there rooted as part of the cultural identity. The purpose of this work goes beyond the mural. The intention is to become an integral part of the city, similar to a monument. In doing so, it celebrates the importance of species for the environment, proposing a harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature. It is a visual representation of all beings as a unit, reminding us that we share a common responsibility for natural well-being.

The communication of this work serves as a direct alert, conveying a message of urgency and inspiring action. Simultaneously, it fosters emotional bonds with these endangered species, reminding us of the beauty and fragility of our natural world.

Mural Location

607 10 AVE SW

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