Diane and MSHL

Montreal, Canada

MSHL has been doing graffiti since 1998. in 2003, he began doing more important work in artistic and logistic direction through an association in France. Now in Quebec, he has been working since 2017 with the non-profit MU, which produces murals in Montreal. Since then he has painted two personal pieces such as Polygone polyglottes 2020 and Vivace 2021, and was invited as a guest artist at the Mural Festival in 2020. Diane has a BFA from Concordia University and therefore has more of a fine arts background. She is passionate about murals and street art and has shown her work around the city in various galleries. Diane began working at the non-profit MU in 2018. She created a mural for the Montreal Mural Festival in 2021 and has participated in various personal projects with production company Lndmark in 2021-2022.Diane has completed two mural projects in the summer and fall of 2022 in the city of Montreal. The Stanley Murelle project which she created a ground mural to go along side an outdoor exhibit of her work curated by MU and Tourisme Montreal.Additionally she painted her large scale mural titled Flore 132 in the heart of downtown Montreal.

Diane and MSHL have collaborated on various projects such as a mural for the local mural festival, Canettes de Ruelles in 2021-2022 and a mural at the Diane Dufresne art Center. They have also assisted various artists through mural productions with MU and have worked on the most iconic large-scale murals in Montreal.

Mural Statement

Diane and MSHL artistic concept stems from a visual conversation between two people. Through mark making, textures, shapes and positive and negative overlap, the duo immerse themselves in a large scale intuitive abstract language . They also enjoy highlighting the materiality of the wall and or the surface they work with . Thus creating an important presence to the materiality of the place they are working in. Diane and MSHL create a vibrant Dialogue for all to interpret dive into.

Mural Location

605 15 AVE SW

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