Curtia Wright

Toronto, Canada

Curtia Wright is a Fine Artist, Mural Artist, Illustrator and Arts Educator based in Toronto, Ontario. Her artwork re-imagines our reality using elements of fantasy, surrealism often mixing in historical and pop culture components. Using bold and vibrant colour, she aims to transport audiences to alternate worlds for a moment in time. The narratives in her artwork mostly focus on telling stories of Black peoples of the African diaspora, primarily speaking about her heritage as a Jamaican-Canadian.

Mural Title

“Violet King”

Mural Statement

“My design is based on the first Black woman lawyer in Canada, Violet King. I choose to depict her in my design not only due to her connection to Alberta, being born in Calgary October 18th 1929, but for her prevalence as a figure of Canadian History. Violet was an adamant purveyor of justice practicing criminal law in Calgary and later in the US. This mural will serve as a memorial and celebration of Kings life and legacy with a hope that more folks will learn about her story.”

Mural Location

827 12 Ave SW

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