Anaïs Lera

Vancouver, France

Anaïs Lera is a French visual artist currently living in Vancouver, Canada. Originally from the South of France, she spent her childhood between mountains and ocean. As a kid with a passion for biology she explored her surroundings with a microscope. This has profoundly shaped her artistic practice today.

Anaïs paints luxuriant and intricate compositions, filled with flora and fauna elements belonging either to terrestrial and ocean worlds. She grows imaginary ecosystems filled with meticulously detailed elements collected from scientific observations.

Since she graduated in 2011 she has taken part in various gallery shows and residencies programs in USA,Japan, Australia and festivals such as the Vancouver Mural Festival.

Watch her Artist Highlight here.

Mural Title

“Nocturne of Other Lands”

Mural Statement

I paint luxuriant and intricate ecosystems borderline between science and fiction. This piece is inspired by current Nasa’s exoplanet research; science fiction comic books ; 60’s/70’s psychedelic posters filled with vivid contrast colors; traditional contemplative Japanese painting of nature. I draw in symbiosis these various graphical evocations into unique detailed environments.

For this mural, I desire to illustrate a nocturnal landscape of a possible exoplanet. I find research absolutely fascinating and a great playground for our imaginations to flourish. The spectator is placed as an observer and immerses himself in the scene when facing it.

Mural Location

1328 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0C3

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