, Venezuela

A l f A l f A is a Venezuela born muralist, currently residing in Toronto. He creates hybrid depictions of mythical creatures though his line-based style. He has painted murals all over the globe of his fantastic beings, now including Calgary.

Mural Title

“The Haretoise”

Mural Statement

This mural is an invitation to find your own speed, to walk at your own rhythm and pace. The mural is inspired by Aesop’s fable “The Hare and the Tortoise”, taking it as a starting point, but posing it as a non-oppositive duality- presenting it as a whole, or as two faces of the same coin.
Everyone needs to find their own speed to move. If you feel slow, respect your time and personal experience, never compare yourself to others and keep walking forwards. If you are gifted with speed, don’t waste it, keep moving forwards but also remember to appreciate the journey.The creature is called the Haretoise, using half and half of each animal’s names as the creature itself.

Mural Location

823 10 Ave SW

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