Alexandar Bacon

Toronto, ON

Canadian graffiti artist Bacon began painting in the 90’s as a teenager. He is best known for his colourful works lining the alleys and streets of Toronto and has achieved international recognition.


Bacon describes the art form as being passed down from one generation to the next. His work has evolved into deconstructing traditional graffiti spray paint techniques to create an abstract graffiti style while maintaining structure. His use of a mature colour pallet and mixing of realism with the stylized graffiti flavour gives his work a unique look with smooth transitions and texture.


Most recently, Bacon has been doing large scale murals and canvas work while maintaining the disciplines of graffiti.


Mural Statement: “Sunset Dream”


“This piece represents my time in Calgary and the surrounding area – the vibrant nightlife and beautiful Rockies.”


Show My Location


Parkside / behind Last Best Brewery

602 12th Ave SW